Meet Mixpo's
Vertical Video Reveal

A mobile-only vertical video ad that reveals itself as the user scrolls down a page.

Product Description

A mobile-only vertical video ad that reveals itself as the user scrolls down a page. The ad appears to be hiding behind the content and plays when it is 50% in view. If the user continues to scroll, the content appears to slide over the ad, which pauses if more than 50% covered. The user can return to the ad at their convenience to complete the video.

Features & Benefits

  • Mobile First
  • Vertical video fills the screen for an ad experience designed for smartphones.
  • Player control scrubbing
  • Move to any point in the video without waiting for a replay button at the end of the video.
  • High-fidelity video
  • A crisp experience is delivered via a full video file with perfectly-matched audio.
  • Viewable by design
  • Once the content reveals 50% of the ad unit the video begins to play without audio.
  • Audio available
  • Tap on the video to turn audio on.
  • Interactive elements
  • Add interactive features and clickable calls-to-action at any point in the experience.
Powered by patent-pending tech that delivers a best-in-class outstream experience
User-first experience available on both mobile and desktop
Metrics include average percent viewed, minutes watched, and user interactions
Unlocks a new trove of quality video inventory

Feature Mixpo Teads Virool Celtra
Player control scrubbing
High-fidelity video
Interactive elements on video
Audio available
Full-screen capabilities

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