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Creative Studio

Create interactive video ads, landing pages, and other creative assets without writing code.

Timeline-Based Design Environment Nothing can tell a story like winning combination of sight, sound, and motion. Mixpo’s creative studio provides users with a timeline-based design environment to make it easy to combine features in sequence with video or without video. Our customers love that they can stylize ads with drag and drop layout controls instead of writing code.

Feature Library Part of the way we accelerate the production process is by offering a library of standard turnkey features within our flexible design studio. Tap to call, channel finder, and weather trigger are just a few of our 30+ configurable features.

Creative API A lot of love has gone into our creative studio to make it easier for users to produce beautiful, functional creative without writing code. Some of our clients, particularly media companies, need to move even faster than that, which is where our creative API can come in handy. It allows our customers to build beautiful ads without ever entering our studio, saving time, without sacrificing rich ad experiences. Integrated into an order management system or another type of workflow, our creative API can return completed ad tags in seconds after a request is sent.

Multi-Format Support Mixpo’s studio is a one stop shop for immersive ad experiences. We not only support multiple ad formats, but have built out thoughtful offerings around social, rich media, in-banner video, and interactive preroll. Ads built in our studio can be deployed in a variety of delivery standards including a generic tag, MRAID, VPAID2, VAST, and Javascript/HTML5. The bottom line on our multi-format support is ads built in our platform work in today’s complex ecosystem of mobile devices, Flash blocking browsers, and so forth.

Landing Pages In addition to ad creative, Mixpo’s platform also supports mobile responsive landing pages. Similar to our ads, Mixpo landing pages allow advertisers to control the design and features of a page without having to write code. Not only do advertisers control the creative on our pages, but we also give them control over the pixels that are integral to driving performance through retargeting, lookalikes, and conversions.

Ad Server

Fast loading and dynamic creative that can be updated anytime without retrafficking ad tags

Ad Serving We serve over a billion impressions per month through our ad server. Advertisers can rest assured that we’ll be able to deliver on the sites they need.

Traffic Once, Update Creative Anytime Ad operations is the part of digital advertising that is often overlooked, yet can be a source of pain. Using the Mixpo platform, advertisers can traffic their ad tags once, then update creative anytime without having to redeploy ad tags.

Personalized Creative Advertising performs at its best when the message is the most relevant it can be. Mixpo enables advertisers to boost the relevance of their messaging by dynamically changing the content displayed in their creative based on data such as the weather, or in real-time for live events.

Device Targeting Again utilizing a single ad tag, advertisers can specify unique creative to load for a viewer based on the device.

Geolocation Targeting Where a person is when viewing an ad can make a big impact on what creative to serve. Mixpo offers geo-profiles to make it possible to dynamically serve creative based on the location of the viewer.

Dayparting Time of day is another key factor to determine the relevant creative to serve, including the decision to show nothing at all. Using Mixpo’s dayparting capabilities, advertisers can set rules on what creative to show when.

Sequencing Sequencing gives advertisers control over the order and frequency of their messaging. Mixpo’s sequencing rules means a single, trafficked ad tag can deliver messages in a specified order and frequency, allowing them to show the right message to the right person at the right time.

Analytics Dashboard

Real-time reporting on campaigns with data that is as rich as the ads

Metrics Accreditation Our clients not only need data, but they need to know that the data they’re getting meets their definitions. Mixpo’s analytics are based on standards provided by the IAB. Additionally, we have gone through the MRC accreditation process for key metrics like impressions.

Real-Time Reporting Part of the way we accelerate the production process is by offering a library of standard turnkey features within our flexible design studio. Tap to call, channel finder, and weather trigger are just a few of our 30+ configurable features.

Data API Many of our customers use the data from our platform in other systems, such as business intelligence, CRMs, and data warehouses. Included with our platform is an API to make it easy to access Mixpo data.

Dashboard We know our clients are busy. We provide tools that allow them to see how campaigns are going at a glance - they can see what's working and what's not and then quickly take action or dig into the data at a deeper level. In addition to the analysis, our dashboard also supports downloading graphs, exporting data, and scheduling reports (including excel and pdf formats).

Granular Engagement Metrics Most ad servers can report on impressions, views, completions, engagements, and clicks. Because the ads are created in our studio, we can go beyond the surface and provide deeper insights on the performance of each creative element in an ad. For example, we can report on performance of each individual overlay, view rates on the panels within an ad, and feature specific metrics. This enables our customers to set clear performance goals, make educated optimization decisions, and drive results.

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