Premium ad units, collateral, and ad ops support
for national media sales

Mixpo Helps National Media Sales Make All of their Inventory Premium Through Rich and Immersive Ad Products that Deliver Results.

Networks and Exchanges

trend spotted

Three years ago, traditional media companies sold 50% of digital advertising, now it is down to 25%. How are you doing more with a smaller slice of the pie?

On average, Mixpo advertisers have been able to reduce their CPA by 45% using our social landing pages.

"We needed a scalable solution for our designers to create premium in-banner video inventory for our retail partner sites, so we approached Mixpo because of their experience in the space. Our partnership has led to the development of additional ad formats, including eCommerce ads, which use first-party data to create a more engaging and dynamic ad experience. Developing products with Mixpo remains an exciting and rewarding experience for our team, and eCommerce ads continue to be an essential part of driving incremental revenue for our clients. Thank you, Mixpo!"

Peter Bavaro, VP, Video Advertising and Integration

Triad Retail Media

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