Premium ad units and collateral for local media sales

Mixpo Helps Local Media Sales Make All of their Inventory Premium Through Rich and Immersive Ad Products that Deliver Results.

Local Media Companies

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Three years ago, traditional media companies sold 50% of digital advertising, now it is down to 25%. How are you doing more with a smaller slice of the pie?

Dynamic Creative Allow Advertisers to Customize User Experiences, Making Ads More Relevant

Some examples include: A home improvement store showing products for different home improvement projects based on local weather, A TV advertiser showing local channel information based on viewer location, An auto advertiser showing the closest dealer location, A political ad showing the latest tweets in the candidate's Twitter feed.

"Mixpo helps differentiates us from the competition and takes full advantage of the way people interact with an ad."

Jim Knipper, Business Development

WCVB Channel 5 Boston, Hearst Media

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