Meet Your Digital Advertising Black Ops Team

We deliver the tools and training to secure more digital sales, uplevel creative, and manage campaigns in-house.

Sales Training

The world of digital continues to spin at a remarkable pace, and most sellers struggle to keep up. Mixpo is managed by former publisher executives, giving us a specialized perspective within ad tech that can be enormously valuable to your teams. When you partner with Mixpo, our Account Management and Sales teams work closely with you to understand your challenges and develop kick-off and ongoing training plans that will help your sellers gain the knowledge and confidence needed to win more digital sales.

Creative Training

Mixpo’s intuitive and flexible studio makes it easy for anyone to build beautiful ads. When you partner with us, we deploy a training team that imparts an excellent combination of tech and design wisdom to your ad producers. At Mixpo, we work with publishers of all sizes, which means the ad producers using our product vary in skill level from trained graphic designers to local sellers responsible for building their own ads. We have developed courses, webinars, and quick-reference videos to accommodate all skill levels.

Campaign Management Training

Mixpo’s Client Services team provides technical and ad production support for all operational and usage issues. This isn’t your typical outsourced support hotline. Mixpo’s Client Services Team is known industry-wide as one of the most responsive and helpful groups in ad tech. You can expect the best support and assistance with troubleshooting issues, the ad creation process, inventory certification, and more

Mixpo is more than a vendor, we're a strategic partner.

Strategic Guidance

Meet operates as part technology company, part consultancy to help you increase efficiency without sacrificing capabilities.

Tailored Solutions

We work closely with our customers to define products, and refine an ad product catalog with your unique publisher identity in mind.

Best-in-Class Support

At Mixpo, we pride ourselves on our service even more than we do our tech. We are ad tech with a human touch.

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