Meet Your Digital Advertising Black Ops Team

Amplify Your Message

Mixpo simplifies the efforts of creative services and promotions teams by making it easier to produce, distribute, and manage digital ad campaigns that drive increased programming awareness, viewership, and event participation.

Engaging Ads

Increase viewer engagement by adding immersive interactivity to your video, such as live feeds (above) video carousels, social feeds, countdowns, and channel finders - all coded, tested, and ready for use.

Live Updates

Update your ads in real-time, and without the need to retraffic! You can upload a fresh video, make design changes, or optimize on the fly - just press publish and your creative will refresh with the next impression.

Video-First Studio

Our video-centric studio allows marketing teams to to get more out of their promo spots. Our tech will instantly and automatically transcode video files into multiple formats at different levels of compression to ensure performance on any device on any bandwidth.

Dynamic Versioning

Need to run promo spots with multiple versions? Mixpo ads can dynamically change based on device, location, time, frequency, weather, and other variables to convey the right message to the right audience, at the right time.


Mixpo has a team that specializes in meeting the needs of local TV creative services teams and broadcast station groups. Our specialty is powering digital tune-in strategies that maximize media impact while creating cost saving efficiencies groupwide.

The Amplifier Program

Self-Serve Platform

Mixpo’s Creative Studio makes it easy for creative services teams to produce beautiful ads, and easily keep them up to date.

Media Buying

Mixpo’s Media Team helps you maximize reach and performance by managing media campaigns through social networks and DSPs.

Reporting & Analytics

Mixpo's real-time reporting dashboard allows you to view performance metrics that tell a comprehensive story.

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