Meet Your Digital Advertising Black Ops Team

Mixpo can do as much, or as little, as you need to succeed.

From training and product marketing support, to creative production, campaign management, and campaign storytelling - we have the resources and team to help you sell, produce, manage, and analyze digital ad campaigns.

Self Service Platform

Prefer to build your own ads in-house?

Mixpo’s Creative Studio makes it easy for both designers and non-designers to produce beautiful ads without writing code. Start with a clean canvas or choose from presets to make ad creation turnkey. Simply drag, drop, and publish.

Fully-Managed Service

Prefer to outsource your ad creative?

No problem. Mixpo’s design experts can become your full-time ad production team. You can also work with Mixpo on an as-needed to provide an overflow resource in times of high campaign volume, or as a solution to build certain ad types or high-quality ads for important campaigns.

White Glove Campaign Management

Imagine a team of experts whose purpose is to provide you with campaign ideas, pre-sales storyboards and demo ads, and post-sale ad creation, campaign management, optimization, and performance reporting. Mixpo works behind the scenes to help you win more digital business (and make you look good along the way!).

Media Buying

Mixpo’s Media Team helps you maximize reach and performance by managing media campaigns through social networks and DSPs. Our specialties are in CPCV video ad campaigns, and driving programming awareness for creative services and promotions teams.

  • Custom audience creation based on customer data & preferences
  • Real-time performance optimization & audience refinement
  • Data analyzation to understand audience and tailor the message

Social Campaign Management

Social ad campaigns provide unprecedented first party data, mobile reach and audience engagement, but managing them is a full-time job. Mixpo has bundled the tools and expertise to execute social campaigns at a level that cannot be achieved piece-by-piece.

Connected Campaigns

A fully-managed social advertising service in which Mixpo places social pixels within ads to connect each ad impression with the viewer’s identity, allowing campaigns to extend into Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter with remarkable accuracy.

  • Pixel implementation within ads & content
  • Audience extension into social news feeds
  • Custom audience development
  • Easily create social landing pages
  • Advanced reporting & optimization

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