Simpler Ad Production ~ Smarter Ad Campaigns

Mixpo Is Helping Creative Catch up with Ad Innovation

Mixpo seeks to automate and accelerate ad production for everyone. Simply upload assets, choose capabilities, and input CTA to produce an ad on the spot without the need for design.

Creative API

Most creative ad tools emulate Photoshop to cater to designers, rather than defining layouts and settings that are already optimized to meet objectives. This is where Mixpo’s Creative API comes in. It allows you to upload an image or video, select a feature and CTA from simple dropdown menus, and publish an ad on the spot. We can customize ad templates to meet your needs and integrate within your OMS or other workflows to make this process easy and fast.

Data API

Mixpo provides a rich array of campaign performance data and real-time insights for all of the ads we power. With our API, this information can be easily ported into other systems, such as CRMs, business intelligence tools, data warehouses, and third-party dashboards to give you a more holistic look at your digital business.

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