Simpler Ad Production ~ Smarter Ad Campaigns

User-Friendly Creative Studio

Mixpo puts the power of ad creation at your fingertips. We provide the tools and templates for designers and non-designers alike to easily produce video and rich media ads that run seamlessly across any screen, all without writing code.

Interactive Capabilities

Want to increase viewer engagement? Mixpo has dozens of coded, tested, and ready-to-use features waiting for you. Everything from photo and video carousels, to dealer locators, countdown clocks, social feeds and more.

Drag & Drop Workspace

Limited time and design resources? Our drag and drop, timeline based interface empowers ad producers of any skill level to produce great ads. Build from templates, start from scratch, or have our experts do it!

Dynamic Versioning

Need to run campaigns with multiple versions? Mixpo ads can dynamically change based on device, location, time, frequency, weather, and other variables to convey the right message to the right audience.


Mixpo has been a video ad tech company from the beginning. We've even helped the IAB develop the standards that are used today! Our studio will instantly and automatically transcode video files into multiple formats at different levels of compression to ensure performance on any device on any bandwidth.

Multi-Format Support

Mixpo is a one-stop shop for immersive ad experiences. We support every format, and a variety of delivery standards including generic tags, MRAID, VPAID2, VAST, and Javascript/HTML5 to ensure that your ads work in today’s complex ecosystem of mobile devices and Flash-blocking browsers.

Landing Pages

The creative studio allows advertisers to design and build responsive landing without having to write code. These pages are ideal as destinations for social campaigns, and support pixel implementation to collect data, and drive performance through retargeting, lookalikes, and conversions.

Built to Scale

Mixpo ads are built to work on every device, browser, and inventory type, and the Studio features formats & templates for every need - from outstream and in-stream, to rich media, native, and social.

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