Simpler Ad Production ~ Smarter Ad Campaigns

Campaign Management

The Mixpo platform is more than a creative tool. Our campaign management interface allows users to quickly determine the status of campaigns, create placements, and review delivery, pacing, and performance details - all within a single, centralized workflow.

Ad Serving

Mixpo serves over a billion impressions per month through our platform's ad server. You can rest assured that Mixpo will deliver fast-loading creative across all of your inventory.

Live Updates

Update your ads in real-time, and without the need to retraffic! You can optimize, make design changes, or upload a new video on the fly - just press publish and your creative will refresh with the next impression.

Mixpo's dynamic ad tags allow you to traffic multiple creatives with a single tag, and set rules for how they will be delivered to your audience.


Geo-profiles allow you to create multiple messages within a single ad tag, and deliver them dynamically based on the location of the viewer.


Dayparting allows you to bundle multiple creatives within one ad tag, and set rules for which creative will be delivered at which time of day.

Creative Sequencing

Sequencing allows you to tell a story with ad creative by defining the order and frequency of different creatives - all from a single tag.

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