Simpler Ad Production ~ Smarter Ad Campaigns

Deep Insights & Analytics

Impressions and clicks are only part of the story. With Mixpo, you can easily view and report on performance metrics and KPIs that tell a comprehensive story.

For Analysts

View detailed performance data across your campaigns, slice and dice data, and generate custom reports when you want to drill down into more detail or deliver a simple, focused report to clients.

For Campaign Managers

Generate professional-quality reports to share data with your advertisers, and schedule ongoing report delivery to stay on top of campaign health and make adjustments mid-campaign.

Deep Insights

Go Beyond the Click

Impressions and clicks are important, but they’re fulfillment metrics, not storytelling metrics. Mixpo empowers you to report on engagement at the component level: from every click, tap, and hover-over, to video starts and each second of a video played, to specific interactions with features, video controls, and more.

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

A Simple View for Making Sense of Performance

Mixpo’s real-time reporting dashboard provides valuable insights as they occur. Various views allow you to evaluate campaign performance against KPIs and benchmarks, allowing you to quickly take action or dig into the data at a deeper level.

Customized Reports

Detailed Reporting (made digestible…)

Easily export graphs, data, and Excel or PDF reports to communicate performance with your clients. Mixpo report types range from beautiful and concise Campaign Summary Snapshots, to detailed Ad Interactivity Reports. You can also schedule automated email reports to stay on top of your campaigns.

Publishers Face a Big Challenge: A Lack of Consolidated Reporting

Pulling and making sense of reports from multiple vendors is difficult. Metric definitions vary, and reporting discrepancies are inevitable. These challenges reduce confidence, and many sellers prefer to stick with poor CTRs over confusing their advertisers (or themselves) with advanced analytics. Mixpo can help! Our analytics are based on IAB standards, and we’ve been through the MRC accreditation process to ensure that our measurement tools are valid, reliable, and accurate. We also go the extra mile, and train and support your teams on campaign performance.

Video Consumption

Mixpo will show how many viewers initiated a video, and how much video was consumed by time spent, quartile, average percent viewed, minutes watched, and more.

Interaction & Engagement

Click-throughs are an important measure of engagement, but engaging consumers with interactivity within the ad go just as far, if not further, in driving performance. Mixpo measures every touchpoint.

Social Performance

Social advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter empowers you to evaluate your audience from a first-party view, track conversions, and understand how your web and social campaigns impact one another.

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