Meet Mixpo's
In-Content Video Reveal

A mobile-first video unit designed to increase your premium video inventory, and deliver a high-impact experience to your advertisers.

Product Description

In-Content Video Reveal is a cross-screen video ad that reveals itself as it comes into view, typically between paragraphs of an article. The ad launches with autoplay video and audio off, and viewers activate the audio and scrub the video position with player controls. Interactive features can be added at any point in the experience, and a CTA card appears upon video completion. After a few seconds, the ad contracts and disappears.

Features & Benefits

  • Viewable by Design
  • The ad doesn’t launch until it’s in-view on the user’s screen, and it automatically pauses when out of view and restarts when back.
  • Audio Available
  • Tap on the video to turn audio on.
  • High Fidelity Video
  • A crisp experience is delivered via a full video file with perfectly-matched audio.
  • Interactive Elements
  • Add interactive features and clickable calls-to-action at any point in the experience.
  • Full-Screen Capabilities
  • Upon rotation, the video ad expands to fill the screen.
  • Player Control Scrubbing
  • Move to any point in the video without waiting for a replay button at the end of the video.
Powered by patent-pending tech that delivers a best-in-class outstream experience
User-first experience available on both mobile and desktop
Metrics include average percent viewed, minutes watched, and user interactions
Unlocks a new trove of quality video inventory

Feature Mixpo Teads Virool Celtra
Player control scrubbing
High-fidelity video
Interactive elements on video
Audio available
Full-screen capabilities

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