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Insights, resources, and inspiration for publishers.

Posts tagged with  Multiscreen Video Advertising

TV, Technology, and Talent

For television companies selling into a changing world: Follow the money. Follow the audience. And don’t forget who brought you to the dance! Read More

The New Opportunity for Local Broadcasters

For local broadcasters, a new crop of video ad formats and channels provide an opportunity to capitalize on the value of video. Read More

Strategies to Drive Live TV Viewership in a Time-Shifted World

OTT and time-shifted TV are changing the way we consume media, but with the right approach advertisers and publishers can increase live TV viewership. Read More

5 Steps to Headache-free QA for Multiscreen Campaigns

My team at Mixpo and I have run hundreds of multiscreen campaigns. From these campaigns, we’ve identified the following five best practices for delivering exceptional user experiences—and outstanding business results—across any and every device. Read More

More Travelers Use Online & Mobile Video for Travel Information

Vacation season has arrived and travelers are online, on every device. According to a 2012 Google/Ipsos MediaCT study, 83% of leisure travelers plan trips online. Read More

Turn Passive Viewers Into Active Auto Shoppers with Interactive Video

While consumers in general are spending more time online and with mobile devices, auto shoppers on average are more likely to own smartphones, stream video, and to watch digital video commercials than non-auto shoppers. Read More

Mobile Video Ad Viewership is Skyrocketing

Mobile is the fastest growing device for video, says a recent study published by online video ad company, Freewheel. In Q4 of 2013, video views on mobile devices were up 178% from the previous year. Video views were also up 136% on tablet devices. Read More

Winter Olympics: Engaging Fans on Every Device

More than 219.4 million Americans tuned in to the 2012 Olympics, making it the most-watched event ever in US TV history. This year, engage sports fans on every device with interactive online video. Read More

Monetize Mobile Inventory and Boost Viewership

As more people check their phone first thing in the morning, local TV stations can get a bite of the action by monetizing their existing mobile apps and using them to drive traditional TV viewership as well. Read More

Mixpo Presents at IAB AfterFronts: Cross-Screen Conference in New York

Last week Mixpo had the opportunity to present to a sold-out audience at the IAB Cross-Screen Content & Consumers Conference on June 10th in New York City. Full video and slide presentation included. Read More

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