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Posts tagged with  The Mix

'Tis The Season

Its that time of year again! Holiday season rolls around and the usual shopping hustle and bustle begins. Everyone starts making their list, and checking it twice. Read More

The Mix – Customer Satisfaction Expert Jamey Power

At the Mix this month, we interviewed Jamey Power discuss how to measure satisfaction, the importance of storytelling, and challenges facing rapidly growing companies. Read More

The Mix – Mixpo Board Member Maggie Finch

Jeff Lanctot’s interview with Maggie Finch covered topics ranging from how she got her start, the Seattle start-up culture, work life balance, to hot companies and categories. Read More

The Mix – Madrona Venture Capitalist Matt McIlwain

This month Matt McIlwain of Madrona Venture Capital and Mixpo board member joined us at the Mix. Matt spoke about how he got involved with Mixpo, traits of successful entrepreneurs, trends in venture capital, and the economic climate. Read More

The Mix – Investor and Entrepreneur Nick Hanauer

This month, Nick Hanauer, entrepreneur, investor, political activist and philanthropist joined us at The Mix. Topics ranged from investing in Amazon.com, the $15 minimum wage, the 2016 election, the middle out strategy, and redefining capitalism. Read More

The Mix – Journalist Monica Guzman

This month, Monica Guzman, a columnist at The Seattle Times and Geekwire joined Mixpo at The Mix. Topics ranged from journalism, old versus new media, native advertising, working with startups, unplugging, work-life balance and service. Read More

The Mix - Major League Baseball Veteran Scott Hatteberg

This month, Scott Hatteberg, a 13-year Major League Baseball veteran joined Mixpo at The Mix. Questions ranged from the mental toughness it takes to get to the big leagues, the "Moneyball" approach to baseball, and how to deal with failure. Read More

The Mix – Shauna Causey from Decide.com

This month, Shauna Causey joined us at The Mix. She covered topics from how to create a personal brand, overcoming the fear of public speaking, creating an army of fans at Decide, changing the culture at Comcast and getting involved in nonprofits. Read More

Introducing The Mix – Jeff Lanctot Interviews Code Fellow's Brent Turner

Thanks to our new CEO Jeff Lanctot, every month Mixpo will invite a community leader to present at The Mix. This month, Brent Turner, President of Code Fellows, was selected and interviewed. Read More

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