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Insights, resources, and inspiration for publishers.

Posts tagged with  Mobile Advertising

Mixpo Release New Vertical Video Ad Formats

Mixpo launches two new vertical outstream ad formats, Vertical Video Takeover and Vertical Video Reveal, that allow publishers to easily create new mobile video ad placementsbuilt for the behavior of today's mobile user. Read More

Goodbye VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome)

The shift to mobile has eradicated vertical video syndrome. The once considered amateur video format is now the norm, and advertisers and publishers are getting on board. Read More

New Premium Video Ad Inventory for Publishers

We've heard repeatedly from our clients that the biggest digital trend is still video, yet there is not enough pre-roll inventory. Mixpo’s digital video ad infographic elaborates on the new premium placement opportunities for publishers. Read More

Product Update: New Outstream Video Ad Formats

This month Mixpo launched a new suite of outstream video ads in the platform. Video Pushdown and In-Content Video Reveal are the first two of four new outstream formats to be released by year-end. Read More

Storytelling with Video: Looking Outside of Pre-Roll

Pre-roll has never been the ideal video ad format due to the sub-par user experience, especially on mobile, and limited reach. Outstream solves for this by opening up premium video inventory & providing a thumb-friendly, mobile-first ad format. Read More

Mixpo Releases In-Content Video Reveal

Mixpo is releasing the first in their series of outstream units, the In-Content Video Reveal, a mobile-first iteration of in-banner video. Read More

5 Takeaways from IAB's New Ad Portfolio

Earlier this week the IAB released a complete overhaul of the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio for public comment in an attempt to tackle the issues surrounding cross-screen advertising and intrusive ad formats. Here's what publishers need to know. Read More

Video is King: Why Video Advertising is in Demand and How to Expand Inventory

When asked to name the biggest trend in digital advertising, publishers overwhelmingly replied with one word: video. See 4 ways publishers create video inventory to meet advertiser demand and capitalize on the video boom. Read More

What Works in Video Advertising

Mixpo's vp of product, Justin Kistner, gives the low down on the top trends to keep in mind when developing a social video advertising strategy. Read More

3 Things Publishers Can Takeaway from Facebook’s Q2 Earnings Report

Yesterday Facebook released it’s Q2 2016 earnings report and once again beat Wall Street’s estimate. What can other publishers learn from Facebook’s success? These three basic steps should be on every media companies mind. Read More

2014 Tune-In Advertising Report - How TV Industry Uses Online Advertising to Drive Tune-In

For the second year in a row, Mixpo surveyed over 200 local broadcasters and syndicators in sixty plus DMAs to better understand how the TV industry uses online advertising to drive tune-in. Read More

More Travelers Use Online & Mobile Video for Travel Information

Vacation season has arrived and travelers are online, on every device. According to a 2012 Google/Ipsos MediaCT study, 83% of leisure travelers plan trips online. Read More

Mobile Video Ad Viewership is Skyrocketing

Mobile is the fastest growing device for video, says a recent study published by online video ad company, Freewheel. In Q4 of 2013, video views on mobile devices were up 178% from the previous year. Video views were also up 136% on tablet devices. Read More

Predictions: 2014 Will Be the Death of Mobile Advertising

If 2013 was (finally) the year of mobile advertising, 2014 will be the death of it. Not because the importance of mobile will diminish. Rather, it will become so vital to marketers that the idea of planning mobile in a silo will quickly seem dated. Read More

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