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The Connected Campaign: The Next Generation of Digital Advertising

Today, Mixpo is excited to announce, The Connected Campaign: The Next Generation of Digital Advertising, an in-depth analysis of how real-time data flow is super charging ad campaign performance and transforming how campaigns are produced.

Mobile’s rise to dominance has broken legacy ad systems that were not designed for cross-device targeting and attribution. As wasteful spending continues to pile up, anxious advertisers are all asking the same question: Do we have the technology to solve the cross-device dilemma? Built on a new era of advertising infrastructure, the Connected Campaign is poised to deliver on every advertiser’s dream—true customer journey management.

In this paper, you’ll learn about the benefits of a connected campaign to advertisers and consumers, as well as guidance on how to prepare for the transition to them.

The Modern Customer Journey

Today’s customer uses more mobile devices than ever before, presenting the advertiser with a cross-device dilemma of how to reach the same person with the same reach and frequency as when they were only on one desktop computer.

Anonymous cookies can no longer track when one user has viewed the same information on multiple devices. With an identity layer, however, a single person is represented across devices using a common identifier. When an advertiser working with the identity layer knows a single person sees multiple cookie sets, they can measure and sequence messaging for people across devices.

The only catch is connecting everything in a campaign.

Download the full report to discover the Connected Campaign opportunity.

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