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Mixpo Acquires ShopIgniter to Accelerate Efforts in Mobile and Social Advertising

I am excited to announce the acquisition of ShopIgniter, leader in social advertising. As the leading provider of multi-screen, multi-format video advertising, Mixpo is committed to delivering the best digital ad products to agency and media company customers. As video and mobile continue to be dominant areas of growth, social channels have become more vital than ever. Acquiring ShopIgniter’s social platform will enable Mixpo to further expand our ability to engage customers across all of the devices and channels that are most important to them.

Mixpo and ShopIgniter

For some background, ShopIgniter’s Igniter Platform enables brands and their agencies to reach and convert their social mobile consumers. More specifically, ShopIgniter enables digital marketers to deliver and manage media ad campaigns in social streams. Innovative brands like Comcast, Digitas, Resolution Media, Target, Ford, Comcast, Sony Music, and Universal use the Igniter platform to deliver, manage, optimize and measure social media advertising campaigns that drive brand and business outcomes across networks and devices.

By combining ShopIgniter’s social and mobile capabilities with Mixpo’s strength in multiscreen video advertising, we will continue to deliver the highest impact ad products across the most important consumer channels. With Facebook and Twitter’s growing focus on video and the overall growth in mobile advertising, we saw an opportunity to integrate ShopIgniter’s social and mobile capabilities with Mixpo’s multiscreen video ad platform. ShopIgniter has a tremendous product and a great team. We’re happy to welcome ShopIgniter employees to Mixpo, and know that our clients will be the beneficiaries of our combined efforts.

When I asked ShopIgniter’s CEO Matt Compton what he was excited about, this is what he told me, “Mixpo and ShopIgniter are very complementary companies. The fit between the products, customers and teams became obvious very quickly in our initial discussions. The combined company will be the clear leader in rich, interactive advertising across all devices and channels from desktop display to mobile social. We are excited to join forces with Mixpo and look forward to a seamless integration.”

Industry trends are in our favor. Mobile and online video are the two fastest growing ad formats in terms of revenue. According to BI Intelligence, mobile advertising is expected to see 110.2% growth from 2013 to 2016, and online video ads are expected to grow by 19.5%. Additionally, the mobile phone and tablet share of digital video ads is expected to grow to 67% by Q4 of 2016, up from 17% in Q4 of last year. Mobile ads make up 59% of Facebook ad sales and 81% of Twitter’s ad revenue comes from mobile advertising.

We’ll continue to operate ShopIgniter’s Portland office.

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