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Digital Advertising for the Holiday Season

If you’re a digital publisher, you know that despite the toasty temperatures outside the holiday season is already upon us. 2015 was the longest and most connected holiday shopping season ever, but already reports are showing that 2016 is expected to surpass it. So put away your beach towels and grab a blanket as we share the top 4 things you need to know about digital advertising for the winter holidays.

1. The Holiday Shopping Season: A Multi-Month Event
Shoppers reported spending more time researching and purchasing online than they did in years past. Nearly a quarter of all shoppers started buying before Halloween and almost half of consumers had most of their shopping done on or prior to Cyber Monday. As big retailers drive the holiday spirit closer to the warmer months your advertisers need to be online early and often to ensure they stand out in the crowd.

Holiday shopping timeline
Source: eMarketer

2. Holiday Shoppers are Buying Online
Digital shopping is becoming more powerful each year. In 2015, ecommerce rose 13.4% while retail foot traffic saw a 6.4% drop as customers increase their time with digital devices and become more comfortable buying online. 78% of all holiday shoppers used the internet for holiday research and 40% of holiday shopping occurred exclusively online, showing that advertisers need to be online with their customers.

3. Mobile Devices Are a Boon to Shoppers and Stores
53% who shopped online in 2015 used a smartphone or tablet, up from 41% the previous year.  Due to optimized websites, easier payment methods, and bigger screens, smartphones continue to lead other devices in sales growth, making it crucial your ads are placed across devices and especially on mobile.

Holiday smartphone usage
Source: eMarketer

4. Video is King
Still, video is one of the best features to use whether selling for the holiday season or any other time period. 64% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product after seeing a video about it, making video ads your top tool for selling during the holiday season. In Mixpo’s recently released report, the State of Digital Advertising for Publishers, video is looked upon as delivering the best ROI, making it very worthwhile to include in holiday advertising.

Hands On Children's Museum Ad
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Don’t let the warm weather distract you from selling for the holiday season, and be sure to keep these four industry insights in mind.

Sources: eMarketer, Think with Google, Brafton

Learn more by downloading The State of Digital Advertising for Publishers.

The State of Digital Advertising for Publishers

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