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Connected Campaigns: An Emerging Mobile Solution for Publishers

Mixpo’s latest report, The State of Digital Advertising for Publishers, reveals key insights and current issues today’s publishers face. Notably, despite almost three-quarters of US adults using a smartphone in 2016 (source: eMarketer), mobile advertising is still a pain point for publishers.

Mobile creative and performance has continued to improve since its creation. However, publishers have not taken full advantage of mobile capabilities. Despite mobile making up 50% of their digital traffic, it does not receive a large part of the budget or company resources.

The issue with mobile stems from two main points. First, ads should have a mobile-first design and compelling for the viewer to interact with. Ad tech providers have improved the mobile experience, but there are still areas that need work. Most importantly is the issue of attribution. Cookie-based audience targeting doesn’t work with mobile devices, and this may cause publishers to reach the incorrect conclusions.

Today’s publishers are left wondering how to reach and report on the same viewer with the same reach and frequency as when they were only on one desktop computer. As people move from their desktop to their smartphone, publishers need to solve the cross-device dilemma.

To make the most out of the mobile shift, publishers should employ a Connected Campaign.

Anonymous cookies can no longer track when one user has viewed the same information on multiple devices. As a part of a Connected Campaign, an identity layer can represent a single person across devices using a common identifier.

When a publisher working with the identity layer knows a single person was served multiple cookie sets, they can measure and sequence messaging across devices, thereby improving attribution.

The mobile channel is full of opportunity when device fragmentation is no longer an issue and attribution is possible. As mobile consumption increases, a Connected Campaign can help fit mobile seamlessly into any digital strategy.

View the clip below to see Justin Kistner, VP of Product at Mixpo, elaborate on how Connected Campaigns can solve the cross-device dilemma caused by mobile.

For more on Connected Campaigns, watch Justin’s complete webinar recording here.

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