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The Politics of Digital Advertising and Make Goods

This season, political content will place a demand on TV inventory, opening a digital opportunity for advertisers.

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The New Opportunity for Local Broadcasters

For local broadcasters, a new crop of video ad formats and channels provide an opportunity to capitalize on the value of video.

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Video is King: Why Video Advertising is in Demand and How to Expand Inventory

When asked to name the biggest trend in digital advertising, publishers overwhelmingly replied with one word: video. See 4 ways publishers create video inventory to meet advertiser demand and capitalize on the video boom.

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Connected Campaigns: An Emerging Mobile Solution for Publishers

Research shows mobile still poses a problem for publishers. Connected Campaigns could be the solution.

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Life, Death and Video Ads

We’re all just humans. Amidst the crazy ad tech world, it's a good reminder of the power and voice we have to help tell stories. While we pursue the richest and best way to do that, let’s not forget to unplug and live the stories we help share.

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