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Insights, resources, and inspiration for publishers.


Facebook Ad Targeting: What You Need To Know

Advertising on Facebook is so much more than boosting posts. From custom audiences, to lookalike audiences, the targeting opportunities on Facebook are seemingly endless. Listen to our VP of Product, Justin Kistner, nerd out on Facebook ad targeting. Read More

New Premium Video Ad Inventory for Publishers

We've heard repeatedly from our clients that the biggest digital trend is still video, yet there is not enough pre-roll inventory. Mixpo’s digital video ad infographic elaborates on the new premium placement opportunities for publishers. Read More

Product Update: New Outstream Video Ad Formats

This month Mixpo launched a new suite of outstream video ads in the platform. Video Pushdown and In-Content Video Reveal are the first two of four new outstream formats to be released by year-end. Read More

Storytelling with Video: Looking Outside of Pre-Roll

Pre-roll has never been the ideal video ad format due to the sub-par user experience, especially on mobile, and limited reach. Outstream solves for this by opening up premium video inventory & providing a thumb-friendly, mobile-first ad format. Read More

Mixpo Releases New Patent-Pending Outstream Ad Product Offering

Mixpo, the leading digital advertising solution for publishers, today announced the launch of their latest video ad product, In-Content Video Reveal. Read More

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